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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Jordanian Menace

“We have warned repeatedly that Israel is playing with fire.” – Abdullah II, Jordan (2010)
“Our martyrs, among the people of Gaza, are alive, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord,” God willing. The pain and suffering that we have been witnessing and living through during this aggression, which has indiscriminately taken the lives of innocent people, refutes Israel’s claims that the war is justified. First and foremost, Israel is responsible for the aggression on the strip.” – Abdullah II reflects on Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge” (Al Ghad Interview, 2014)
I was going to take a short break from writing about Israeli politics. A brief reprieve from beating the proverbial carcass. I had another ambition this week. I wanted to share a little bit of my passion for Israel’s wildlife by writing an article on striped hyenas. But as I sat down at my computer, I couldn’t get the image of the Jordanian “king,” Abdullah II, out of my head. True to Hashemite form, while Arabs murder and maim our brothers and sisters with minivans, knives, and screwdrivers, Abdullah regurgitates his blood libel of “Israeli aggression.” While Har Habayit burns with Arab incitement and Wakf inspired Jew-hatred, Netanyahu debases himself by sitting down in Amman with this fiend. Anyone with a modicum of Jewish dignity cringes at this image. So I will defer the topic of scavenging hyenas for another week, and instead I will write about Hashemite vipers.
In truth, Abdullah needn’t fear anything. Netanyahu has no intention of destroying Al Aqsa Mosque or the Dome of the Rock. There are no Likud blueprints for building the Third Temple. Netanyahu assured the fictitious king that he will continue the status quo on the Temple Mount. The enduring demeaning policy of self-imposed dhimmitude, which prohibits Jews from asserting our religious-national rights on the sacred spot where the first and second Jewish temples stood.
I have always harbored a special loathing for the Hashemite kingdom. Abdullah II is a vicious anti-Semite in the mold of his chameleon father, who learned to switch his military fatigues and keffiyah for a suit whenever he was in the company of a western audience. Just like his father, he learned to wear a mask. At every opportunity this chutzpadik monster bashes Israel. His whole kingdom is built on historical falsehood, and yet he dares to speak of a “Palestinian State!”
Jordan. A mythical country. A crime of national theft crystalized into a fact. A country illegally formed on Jewish land courtesy of the duplicitous British. A country where more than 3/4ths (at the very least) of her citizens are supposed “Palestinians” who all drip with Jew-hatred. Despite the crime of stealing land from Israel, the Jordanians lead the pack when it comes to demanding that Israel create another Palestinian state. An illegal one already exists under the Hashemites.
Jordan. A country whose religious and cultural incitement against Jews equals Egypt’s, Israel’s other “ally” in the Arab world. Another purportedly moderate Arab country where the blood libel is as strong as in rural Poland. During Operation Cast Lead and the more recent Operation Protective Edge, Jordanian citizens came out in hordes to support Hamas. Jordan is nursed on the poison milk of Amalek. Jordanian TV is a sewer of pornographic Jew hatred. Jordanians match Egypt in terms of Jew-hatred (and not to mention copies of “The Protocols” circulating the country). Jordan is a country where Jews are most unwelcome. Israel ignores every Jordanian outrage because if this “peace-treaty” fails, the myth of Arab/Islamic tolerance will shatter.
The truth. The “peace treaty” with Jordan is about as authentic as the one Rabin signed with the PLO, and the one Begin signed with Sadat. And just like the treaty with Egypt where Sadat introduced the clever tactic of “phased destruction” to the Arab world, the goals are the same. And just as repugnant.
Consider the Jordanian Nationality Law, 1954, which was updated in 1987:
The following shall be deemed to be Jordanian Nationals-
Any person who, not being Jewish, possessed Palestinian nationality before 15 May 1948 and was a regular resident in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan between 20 December 1949 and 16 February 1954. (Article 3:2)
Israel’s weakling leaders continuously ignore opportunities to expose the Jordanians. Arabs riot in Jerusalem, and the ineffectual police response prompts the Jordanians to recall their ambassador. As Abdullah sees it, we are the aggressors. Abdullah recently prohibited 2 of his ministers and a few dozen Jordanian officials from attending the ceremony commemorating the 20 year anniversary of the “treaty.” If Israel had the self-respect to inform the world that Jordan has no interest in peace, that their repeated actions and words betray as much, we could finally bury this sham treaty and reclaim some Jewish self-respect. Instead, Israel’s various media outlets hide the truth by ignoring the story or disseminating confusing, contradictory, information.
Few contemporary thinkers can diagnose this Jewish malady as lucidly as Dr. Paul Eidelberg:
“It may sound quiotic, but Israeli politicians– Left and Right, secular and religious– degrade Israel by seeking the recognition of Arab regimes whose media (especially Egypt’s) vilify Jews and the Jewish State. To demand the cessation of this anti-semitism as a precondition of negotiation would enhance Israel’s honor, a crucial element given the overweening pride of Arab-Islamic culture.” (Jewish Statesmanship: Lest Israel Fall, page 186).
Further on, Dr. Eidelberg reflects on the “Peace Treaty” with Jordan, noting that the contradictions of democracy and Arabic-Islamic culture with all their various complicated nuances can never be bridged when such countries remain dictatorships. As such, Israel loses dignity and acquires nothing in the form of security. He notes:
“Israel’s peace treaty with Jordan is no exception. For that piece of paper the left wing government of Jitzchak Rabin yielded 330 sq. Km of land on which seven school children were subsequently murdered by a Jordanian.”….Besides, not only does the treaty take no precedence over Jordan’s commitment to the Arab League, but Amman remains the headquarters of Arab terrorists groups, and it remains a capital offense to sell property to Jews (186-87).
Abdullah II wears no mask when he speaks to Arab audiences. The media simply chooses to ignore these events. The following segment of Abdullah’s speech was distributed to Arab leaders at the 22nd Arab Summit in Sirte, Libya, in March 2010:
“Occupied East Jerusalem is being subjected on a daily basis to Israeli measures that seek to change the demographic structure of the city, to Judaise it, to undermine its Arab identity and threaten its Muslim and Christian holy sites. As we condemn and reject these Israeli measures, we are also doing everything we can to continue our historic role in preserving the Arab identity of Jerusalem and protecting its holy sites until it is liberated from occupation.”
Abdullah continues:
“I must emphasize here the importance of intensifying our efforts with the international community to lift the unjust siege on our steadfast brothers in the Gaza Strip who are living under tragic conditions that cannot be tolerated….
We also support measures taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to defend its security and stability and to combat terrorism, and we stand by the Gulf Arab states in confronting anyone who tries to tamper with their security or stability or to interfere in their internal affairs or challenge their total sovereignty over every inch of their land.
We also stand by Lebanon in the face of Israeli threats and provocations that we condemn. We also stand by its government and people against any attempt to undermine Lebanon’s social fabric or threaten the security of the country and its public safety…..
Finally, I must extend my thanks and appreciation to Brother Leader Muammar Qadhafi, Guide of the Great Revolution for the warm welcome and good preparation for this summit which contributed to its success….”
A speech that could have been written by Nasser.
Occupied? Who went to war, Abdullah? Who occupied East Jerusalem and Judea pre-67? Who went on national radio and implored the blood-crazed Jordanian populace to “kill the Jews wherever you find them; kill them with your hands, with your nails, with your teeth!”? Who had to satiate his bloodlust despite Israel’s quisling leadership repeatedly begging him to stay out of the war?
Even poisonous fruit doesn’t roll very far from the tree.
Abdullah has the gall to speak of Jordan’s “historic role in preserving the Arab identity of Jerusalem”. Translation: Abdullah is referring to the tragic period when the Hashemites occupied East Jerusalem. The enlightened guardians of Jordan converted our holy synagogues into latrines and stables. Perhaps when the time comes to liberate Jordan, we can reciprocate in kind with their houses of prayer.
As evidenced by his speech, Abdullah supports Hamas, the Saudi Wahhabis who lop off heads as if they were stalks of broccoli, and the Hezbollah Hitlerites. His moral framework even appreciates the now deceased psychotic loony-toon, Qaddafi. Abdullah consistently spouts cleverly worded hostility and anti-semitism. Israel responds by providing Abdullah with precious water reserves and hi-tech technology ranging from cutting edge agriculture, to sophisticated weaponry and military aid. How many times did Israel save King Hussein’s life?
Jews Who Visit Jordan
Israeli tour guides, nursed on the propaganda of “The Ministry of Tourism,” delight in shlepping clients to visit Petra, to see the Nabatean “wonder of the world.” It allows them to cultivate the myth of moderate Jordan in their silly heads. First of all, Jews should have no interest in seeing Petra, regardless of how “impressive” the sights are, since the Nabateans were a pagan society. More importantly, Jews shouldn’t visit or support economically, a country where the average Arab would lynch them in a heartbeat. When Jews return from Petra, they have a skewed perspective that Jordan is safe to visit. Petra isn’t really Jordan. Petra is a tourist trap. The real Jordan is Amman where Jewish tourists would be as welcome as the bird flu, and would be treated as such. Wear a kipah in Amman and risk getting torn to pieces. No Jew should ever visit Jordan.
One day soon, G-d willing, the immoral Hashemite Kingdom will collapse on its peg legs. Abdullah’s days are numbered (unless Israel decides to intervene at some point, a distinct possibility), and the opportunity to liberate and settle both sides of the Jordan will be ours. Then and only then, should you visit.
The Jordanian Wakf
The Temple Mount is not in our hands. It is delusional to think otherwise. The Jordanian Wakf are in complete control. For that, we can thank the late pirate Moshe Dayan (an arrogant man who was missing much more than an eyeball) for ensuring that the Temple Mount was only temporarily in our hands. The greatest examples of chillul Hashem can be found atop Har Habayit. The Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa mosque occupy the place where The Almighty tested Abraham, and the site where the first and second Jewish Temples stood.
Har Habayit. Where Islam spits at the Almighty and the Law of Moses. Where the Arabs have caused utter destruction, and willfully destroyed remnants of the first and second Mikdash, along with priceless artifacts of Jewish heritage. All intended to erase the unerasable facts of Jewish history.
Har Habayit. Where Jews are forbidden to pray, while Ishmael’s guttural caterwauls resonate throughout the Old City. Where even attempting to pray or recite psalms ensures that you will get arrested.
Har Habayit. Where the Arabs are emboldened because they see that one day all of Israel will be Judenrein. Where Arabs can throw stones and even pour acid on Jewish heads (as they have done in the past.)
If one wants to understand why Israel is killing itself through appeasement and territorial concession, why the idea of transferring hostile Arabs is anathema, and why rockets can rain death upon the country for an entire month, look at the Temple Mount. The abominations on the Temple Mount explain it all; fear and appeasement of the enemy, apathy and antipathy to all things Jewish, and the maddening malaise that sickens our country.
Har Habayit and Halacha
Avigdor Lieberman’s recent remarks castigating those who ascend the Mount are of no concern. Yet another example showing this blowhard for who he is. A weakling opportunist who has no regard for Jewish dignity. Naturally, since he has no knowledge of Halacha, his words are irrelevant. Yet one cannot be so cavalier with one who occupies the position of Sephardi Chief Rabbi. At the recent funeral for Shalom Aharon Ba’adani, who was murdered by another Arab who thought it would be nice to plow into a 17 year old boy with his vehicle, the Sephardi Chief Rabbi, Yitzhak Yosef noted the following:
“Jews must not go to the Temple Mount and provoke the Arab terrorists. “This must be stopped…only in this manner shall the blood of the people of Israel stop being spilt.”
To level such charges against committed Jews who halachically ascend Har Habayit in order to assert jewish sovereignty is disgraceful, and a mockery of the Rabbinate. To accuse them of fomenting violence is as despicable a libel that the Arabs throw at us. An Arab didn’t shoot Rabbi Glick (may he have a full refuah) because he ascended Har Habayit. He shot him because he saw him as a figurehead for promoting Har Habayit, and the usurping Arabs want to deny the history of the first and second temples.
As if that wasn’t enough, Rabbi Yosef proceeded to besmirch gedolim and chachamim of the past and present with his ad hominum attack:
“Fourth-rate rabbis cannot dispute (the rulings of) the sages of Israel.”
A Chief Rabbi who denigrates the Torah scholarship of prestigious poskim who disagree with his position will have to beg mechilah for his words. The complicated issue of visiting Har Habayit is hardly monolithic in the eyes of Rabbonim. (For a more rigorous treatment of this mutli-faceted Halachic issue which is beyond the scope of this author, read “Entering The Temple Mount-in Halacha and Jewish History” by Gedalya Meyer & Henoch Messner.) Even according to those who permit going up, it goes without saying that no G-d fearing Jew would ever ascend, except within the precise framework of the Halacha. So a Rav who castigates other poskim, on the grounds that it is prohibited by consensus, is telling half a story. Furthermore, many of these halachic personalities who oppose going up do so for reasons that have less to do with Halacha and more with a shtetl complex that clouds their reason. Fear of the Arabs. Fear of the U.S. State Department. Oftentimes, their own words say as much.
The Rambam likely prayed atop Har Habayit. Was he a fourth rate Rabbi? What of the Radbaz, whose framework provides the route for many who ascend according to Halacha? The contemporary posek, Rabbi Moshe Tendler, shlitah (son-in-law of Reb Moshe Feinstein, zt”l) regularly ascends Har Habayit when he visits Eretz Yisroel. Also a fourth rate Rabbi?
Those in the “frum” camp who are happy that Har Habayit is controlled by Arabs (because in their ignorance they believe it is forbidden to visit even permissible areas) need to learn the sugyah objectively. Regardless of whether one follows the position of permitting or prohibiting ascending the mount, the Ishmalites certainly cannot be up there. Nor can their edifices, which mock the covenant with Avraham Avinu. At the core, the issue of Har Habayit is one of Kiddush Hashem versus chillul Hashem. Torah truth versus Islamic falsehood, duplicity, violence, and moral corruption. Ishmael versus Isaac. If Jews are murdered every day and our blood spills as copiously as water, it is because our collective Jewish heart has been savaged. It is because we have been bled white by our leaders and lack the resolve to fight.
The answer to Jewish degradation is a cognizance of the problem, and the strength and the resolve to repair it. The solution is a resurrection of the Jewish fighting spirit, a renewed commitment to defend the Jewish body and soul, and the physical willingness to fight the Arab barbarians at any cost. In the streets of Israel and atop Har Habayit.
There are no Jews or shuls in Saudi Arabia, nor have there been, since Mohammed slaughtered and expelled the last remaining Jewish tribes of the Arabian Peninsula. Jews don’t live in Jordan, whose very existence is a crime against the Jewish people. Dogs would be treated more humanely than a Jew who stumbled into Jordan. Let the abominations on top of Har Habayit be relocated to Mecca (or Amman for that matter) where there are no Jews or shuls, and where the common man believes that Jews drink the blood of Muslim children. Drop the Al Aqsa Mosque on their heads for all I care. Right on top of the Kaaba. Preferably, during the height of the Haj.
In the meantime, the Temple Mount is burning.

Rabbi Meir Kahane: My Rebbe (That I Never Met)

“The Arabs are a cancer in our midst. And you don’t coexist with a cancer. A cancer you either cut out, and throw out, or you die.”- (Rabbi Meir Kahane, on 60 Minutes)
“A chacham is superior to a prophet.”- (Talmud: Bava Batra 12a)
Twenty-four years ago, El Sayyid Nosair (yemach shmo v’zichro) shot Rabbi Meir David Kahane (HY’D) in a Manhattan hotel, following the Rabbi’s lecture to an American audience about the need for emergency aliyah. I remember that terrible evening with the clarity that only real nightmares attain. I was in eighth grade, and I was watching WWOR’s 10 o’clock news segment on Channel 9. The news anchor, Rolland Smith, opened the broadcast with the mind-numbing news that Rabbi Kahane was shot by an Arab, and that he was clinging to life. A short time later, we received the grim news: Rabbi Kahane was dead.
Disbelief. Utter shock. I knew that someone special was stolen from the Jewish people. As early as second-grade, I started reading Rabbi Kahane’s articles in The Jewish Press every Friday night. It was a Shabbos routine. While I’m sure I missed many of the finer points of the articles, young as I was, I could discern that there was something unique about the man. His writing was sharp, witty, cutting like a scalpel. Certainly, I had seen the Rabbi’s many “confrontations” on television, and there was a definite face to this remarkable man who behaved in a manner so unlike most contemporary Jews. He was fearless, and you instantly recognized that here was a Jew who truly didn’t give a damn “what the goyim thought.” No apologies; Dignity and self-respect.
These memories remained with me, and in my late teens I studied Rabbi Kahane’s other written works. The first book that I read was “Never Again.” It changed me forever. In time, I became connected with those who were fortunate to know Rabbi Kahane personally, and had assisted him in his life’s work to save Am Yisroel,“To save them from themselves,” as he so often noted.
Justice Denied Tragically, in one of the most grotesque displays of legal injustice and anti-semitism in American history, Rabbi Kahane’s killer was acquitted of the murder charges. It helped that Nosair had the talented but grotesque, self-hating, PLO-supporting “Jew” William Kunstler as his lawyer. As far as the American government was concerned, they naively assumed that Rabbi Kahane’s assassination was an isolated incident and chose to ignore it. Certainly, the murder of a man who was an unmovable obstacle in their path, who constantly fought American pressure on Israel with tooth and nail, was of no concern to them. They were glad to be rid of him. Yet ultimately they paid a steep price for their inaction,  American blood.
The failure of the American government to investigate the terror network responsible for Rabbi Kahane’s murder allowed these same terrorists to slip through the cracks and strengthen their roots in the U.S. Today, Nosair is sentenced to life imprisonment in America, not for his murder of Rabbi Kahane, but for his role in the first World Trade Center bombing, which could have been averted had the U.S. government been paying attention. And by extension, is it too much to speculate that the horror of 9/11 could possibly have also been prevented, had the U.S. government connected the dots in those early years? The clues were all there.
What Can One Say? Every year on the anniversary of Rabbi Kahane’s assassination, I am inundated with feelings of profound loss, a desire to want to articulate these feelings, and an inability to do so. Much of my frustration stems from the disappointment that I was never fortunate to meet the man in person, though his teachings resonate throughout my core. Another impediment is the general inability (of this author at least) to truly capture Rabbi Kahane’s essence in an article. What can one say about the kind of man who will surely not arise again in our lifetime, until the Messiah arrives?
And yet, what can one do? Except perhaps to try to express a little something,  insufficient as it is, regarding this historically great Jew. This is not a full treatment of this great man, nor a comprehensive analysis of his many accomplishments, contributions, and sacrifices. These are simply a few reflections that I wish to share.
I see Rabbi Kahane as a throwback to the times of the Judges and Prophets. He epitomized the very essence of mesirat nefesh, self-sacrifice at the cost of one’s life, the acceptance of the Yoke of Heaven, and the willingness to speak the painful truth, no matter the cost. Throughout his adult life, he willingly endured this cost, regardless of consequence. Imprisonment, harassment, confrontation, and eventually his own murder. Rabbi Kahane was a multifaceted leader: a gadol in Torah and a warrior; a fiery kohen fit to lead Am Yisroel in war; a master of words, a writer of immense talent, and an orator whose words would generate a fire within you, raising goosebumps on your arms.
Ahavat Yisroel
“The lesson of clear. In the end, for the Jews, there is no ally except for the Jews.” (R. Meir Kahane, “Never Again”, page 200)
Rabbi Kahane loved Jews with an authentic love. A tough love which compelled him to speak of unpleasant truths which many Jews were unwilling to hear. He understood that at the end of the day, the only one other than Hakadosh Baruch Hu that Jews could count on were other Jews. He had an allergic reaction to the desecration of G-d’s name, and to Jewish pain and suffering. Whenever and wherever Jews were in danger, Rabbi Kahane was there to fight for them. It didn’t matter who the enemy was or what his perceived strength was. Nothing would deter him. Not the Godless Soviets who tried to eclipse the soul of Soviet Jewry, not the Neo-nazis and Black Panthers in America, or the Arabs in Israel. Rabbi Kahane faced them all, with his patented chutzpah, wit, and lack of self-concern. And in Eretz Yisroel, the Arabs were truly terrified of him. Like an enraged Shimshon Hagibor, the Arabs feared him, because much like Samson, his strength was an anomaly that they could not understand. It derived from the very personality of this magnificent tzadik. He had their number.
When Rabbi Kahane first formed the JDL in the late 1960′s to physically defend Jewish neighborhoods from anti-semitism, the Jewish Establishment condemned his use of violence, even as they chose to ignore the shocking rise of Jew-hatred, particularly within the black community. This was of course during the era of changing neighborhoods, and those Jews who were left behind in hostile regions, were always the poor and the elderly. Rabbi Kahane became their protector.
As the JDL took on the broader issue to fight for the rights of Soviet Jews behind the Iron Curtain, the Jewish Federations only increased their vitriol and defamation. They viewed him as an embarrassment and and labeled him a violent extremist, whose actions were beyond the Jewish pale. Rabbi Kahane couldn’t have cared less. He was a master of media relations and he understood that violence and confrontation were the only things that the media was interested in. Violence made headlines. And violence forced respectable Jewish organizations, the Bnai Brith, the ADL, and others to adopt the cause of Soviet Jewry and a host of other Jewish issues they had chosen to ignore. In the era of the 1970′s, when American Jewry saw their disaffected youth rally for the cause of anything and everything but Judaism, Rabbi Kahane wanted to harness the energy of young Jews. His lectures on campus were a powerful tool for him to reach many alienated Jews who never had someone explain their heritage. Certainly not a Rabbi. His impact on the many young Jews who chose to explore and return to their Judaism, is another legacy of Rabbi Kahane’s. There are untold numbers of Ba’alei Teshuva who cite Rabbi Kahane as a major influence on their return to Torah.
A Gadol In Torah Rabbi Kahane had an encyclopedic knowledge of Torah. He didn’t merely obtain semicha as some sort of rabbinical certificate, study and teaching Torah were his life. Amongst  his great contributions to Am Yisroel were the sifrei kodesh he authored, dealing with fundamental Jewish concepts and halachot that no other rabbis addressed. Along with his magnum opus, The Ohr Ha’rayon (The Jewish Idea), he authored several other seforim, such as his fascinating Pirush Hamacabi commentary on the Chumash, and his Al Ha’Emunah, V’all Ha’Geulah. The former Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Mordecai Eliyahu (of blessed memory), often praised Rabbi Kahane’s knowledge of Torah, as did Rabbi Moshe Tendler, shlitah, who eulogized Rav Kahane as a gadol in Torah.
A close friend and mentor of mine was very close to Rabbi Kahane. He once opined that Rabbi Kahane’s greatest contribution to Am Yisroel was that he was the first to address the real provocative Halachic issues that the State of Israel faces. Certainly, he was, and remains, the only one who actively campaigned for the transfer of all hostile gentiles from Eretz Yisroel, as per the requirements of Halacha. (Rachavam Zevi’s (may G-d avenge his blood) notion of voluntary transfer was ridiculous and impractical. Hence, it had no teeth and it didn’t raise the ire of the left.)
Yet Rabbi Kahane was not a one-issue personality, as those who know nothing of his authentic teachings are wont to believe. The Arab question was essential and integral, but merely one component of Rabbi Kahane’s comprehensive program for saving Eretz Yisroel and Am Yisroel. His Torah ideology was  sophisticated and intellectual which grasped the significance of our miraculous age, and accepted the challenge to turn the State of Israel into a true Torah state, seeking to transform it into a precursor to Moshiach.
The small minded Jewish leaders and lay people (religious and secular) who condemned and smeared him were dishonest when it came to addressing the logical Halachic issues he raised. Worsel, something that the great man always resented, they were afraid to debate him on these very same issues. They naturally feared and insulted employing him ad hominem attacks, because in a debate on Jewish issues, they would have come up short. That is an understatement. He would have dissected them intellectually, as he always did during debates, radio interviews, or question and answer sessions with hostile individuals. The pathetic excuse of not wanting “to dignify his remarks” or “place him in the bounds of intellectual discourse” was aggravating enough when it came from hypocritical secular Jews. But when it came from religious Rabbis who knew that Rabbi Kahane’s message was predicated solely on Torah, the refusal to engage in debate was beyond grotesque.
Israel: Inherent Contradictions When Rabbi Kahane made Aliyah, he addressed the existential Arab threat facing Israel; the problem of demography, and the inherent contradictions between Western Democracy which allows the voting Arab to become a majority one day (even theoretically), and a Jewish State, which by definition must remain Jewish lest it become something else. He was the first to throw the “T” word into public discourse, TRANSFER, which raised the blood pressure of the Left, who only tolerate the word when it is applied to Jews as evidenced during the Gaza expulsion of Jews. Of course, then they use the ridiculous euphemism, “evacuation,” as if they are saving Jews from a typhoon or an earthquake.
If Jews are stoned today from atop Har Habayit, it is because Labor and Likud are committed to appeasing Arab terrorists. While the Arabs set Jerusalem on fire, and run over Jewish babies with their new “car intifada,” Netanyahu grovels before the head dog of Jordan to assure him that he needn’t worry. Jews will not be able to pray on Har Habayit. If Arabs are ramming their cars into crowds of Jews, crushing our brothers and sisters, it is because Israel’s leadership fails to grasp the message. If Arab lynch mobs, armed with knives and deadly weapons, are roaming Jerusalem to spill Jewish blood, it is only because our leaders are impotent, fearful, and weak. They silenced Rabbi Kahane, and the Jewish people are bleeding for it.
Those who condemned Rabbi Meir Kahane in his lifetime and death contributed to the murder of fellow Jews. Those who labeled him as an un-Jewish aberration will one day have to answer to the Almighty, for the blood that stains their hands. The problem is that mainstream Jewish leadership remains as clueless as it ever was. No respectful politician will broach the subject of transfer. They are too committed to concessions, or the notion of respectability.
Transfer: Remember The Halacha The Arabs of Israel are a lethal contagion. Their presence guarantees the murder of Jews. And they are growing stronger. Rabbi Kahane was the only one who presented a framework for authentic Jewish leadership that never compromised on the issues, even if it cost him votes, or led to the banning of his party (which it eventually did.) For as history has shown, the KACH party under Rav Kahane never compromised. As such, they terrified the establishment since their integrity to their values was total. Eventually, they were banned from the Knesset as a racist party, when the grotesque collusion of Labor and Likud joined hands to ban Kach.
Similarly today, the ideological battle must remain pure and unaffected by foreign influences. There are various individuals out there that present a skewed hybrid message, which purports to be “right-wing” but compromises on many issues and the Halacha. Rabbi Kahane’s undiluted Torah message is as imperative as it ever was. And the Halacha still hasn’t changed regarding the Arabs and other hostile gentile elements that endanger the Jewish body and soul. They still must go! One can choose to minimize the issue, question the current demographic threat, or sidestep the issue, but the theoretical question remains to be answered. Should the Arabs who vote be allowed to undo the Jewish State through legal processes?
As Rabbi Kahane often pointed out, the most dangerous Arabs are the fifth column Arabs within Israel’s current “borders,” not the Arabs of the liberated zones which Israel refuses to annex. All too often, these are the same Arabs that float under the radar, until they decide to plow into Jews with their vehicles. And Rabbi Kahane understood intrinsically that the greatest racists, the actual ones with real prejudice, are the Jewish liberals who think they can assuage Arab wrath and national/religious pride with the niceties of a civilized society, which no Arab/Islamic country has ever offered its citizens.
Rabbi Kahane notes:
“As a corollary to the myth that the Jewish State can also be a western democratic one, giving non-Jews exactly the kinds of equal rights possessed by Jews, is the delusion of “ coexistence between the Jews and Arabs.” And as part and parcel, of that picture of smiling, hand-holding Jews and Arabs, is the fiction of Arab loyalty to the State of Israel as transcending their Arabism. Nonsense!” (Revolution or Referendum, page 38)
Transfer. The word the Left demonized and labeled a racist concept. Yet Rabbi Kahane prophetically noted that the failure to throw out Arabs would eventually lead to the expulsion of Jews from parts of Eretz Yisroel. Rabbi Kahane foresaw the unnatural birth of Oslo. He understood that the failure to transfer Arabs would eventually lead to the expulsion of Jews from their homes to appease the Arabs. Long before that accursed day when Rabin shook Arafat’s bloody hand on the lawn of the White House, Rabbi Kahane thundered the terrifying choice that Israel had to make. Kahane or Arafat. We know how history unfolded. Evil men in power committed treason and illegally engaged with the PLO behind the Nation’s back. The Erev Rav chose Arafat, and rammed the lunatic decision down the throats of every Jew living in Israel.
What can we do today in Rabbi Kahane’s absence? Whatever we can, each of us to the extent of our abilities. Within the reach of our arms. We must continue to spread his message. Rabbi Kahane may be gone, but Chazal have taught us that even in death the righteous live on. Yet, they only live if we give their teachings life. Life beyond the computer keyboard or social media outlets. Rabbi Kahane was no armchair activist. The street was what made him a Jewish gibor. Ideology articulated with action. Without implementing Rabbi Kahane’s ideas on the ground, his ideas will remain relegated to books, discussions, and various other outlets for armchair activism.
Read Rabbi Kahane’s timeless books, “They Must Go!” and his final say on the matter, “Revolution or Referendum.” Read his Torah works. Internalize the message. Rabbi Kahane wasn’t just right when Jewish blood spills freely in the streets. That’s a visceral reaction that unfortunately dissipates in time with most people. Use your head. If he’s correct today, then he’s correct tomorrow. Don’t be a bandwagon “Kahanist” or what Rabbi Kahane referred to as a “closet Kahanist.” Let his words resonate across the country, nay, let them thunder across the world. And let the deaf and dumb politicians in our midst hear the message loudly and without any confusion: Rabbi Kahane is still alive! Arabs out!
*For a more comprehensive analysis of the issue of transfer and Rabbi Kahane’s platform, feel free to check out my previous article, “Transfer: Still the Only Solution.”

No Hero of Mine

“We bumped them off on the ship, and we bumped them off as they were swimming in the water.” (A younger Yitzchak Rabin in his capacity as Ambassador to the U.S. recalls the Altalena Affair).
On Wednesday, the supposedly “right-wing” Likud government will memorialize Yizchak Rabin, on the 19th anniversary of his assassination. Nineteen years of continuous Arab terror, and Israel’s leaders have learned nothing from Rabin’s criminal pact with Arafat. Netanyahu will continue to undermine his credibility as he waxes poetically with his eloquent speaking voice about Rabin’s mythical legacy. And Netanyahu, who was elected several times with a mandate to end Oslo, will speak of his own personal commitment to continuing the “Peace Process.” This will occur while the Arabs of Jerusalem continue to maim and murder Jews. Whole sections of Jerusalem, including our holy Har Habayit, remain Judenrein. Our leaders refuse to crush Arab terror because they cannot face the unpleasant truth: There are no Arab moderates. Even those Arabs who actually work for Jews (insane as it is to hire them) still want to kill us.
What Rabin called a peace treaty, Arafat called a phased plan of destruction. Rabin and Peres heard peace while Arafat thundered “Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!” for the cameras in Ramallah. They shoved this illegal crime, a crime no less than treason, down the throats of the Jewish people, and those who protested peacefully had their bones broken open by the henchmen of the left. Neither the insane escalation of Arab suicide bombings that stole so many Jewish lives, nor the shootings on the roads and the kidnappings changed a thing. To oppose Oslo was to be a right-wing extremist. And when Rabin was killed, the kipah became a symbol to destroy. It didn’t help that many loyalist religious Jews devoured the bait and publicly pounded their breasts on the national scene.
Mahmoud Abbas is no different than Arafat when it comes to his Jew hatred. While he appears more respectable than Arafat (who always looked like he rolled around in the mud from whence he came) Abbas is as diseased a soul as the former. After all, this is the same man who earned his doctorate in “Holocaust Denial.” And so it comes as no surprise when one reads that Fatah recently celebrated the Arab fiend who murdered a Jewish baby with his car. Fatah=PLO=PA. All synonyms for the same murderous organization of Arab butchers.
It is an annual perversion, this season of Rabin, which has become a profane festival to perpetuate Jewish weakness and perpetuate the policies of appeasement. It is a time for the propagandists of the Ministry of (Mis)Education to ensure the continuation of Rabin’s blood charter with the PLO by corrupting the minds and souls of our youth. In the past, the worst elements of the Left used the occasion to incite hatred against religious Jews and opponents of Oslo. And so, the sin of vivisecting Eretz Yisroel and handing its limbs over to murderous goyim drags on; The sacrifice of Jewish lives on the altar of world opinion.
Many religious government schools are clueless about how to handle this government mandated day of ceremony and remembrance. The reactions range from avoiding the topic, making a lame effort to satisfy the government requirement, or for the real die hard loyalists, by actually following through with the government program. And there is no way to sanitize the day, or to remove the political/ideological thrust of the day. At the core, it is a day of leftist indoctrination. Needless to say, I will be keeping my children home from school that day, since hell will freeze over before I allow Shimon Peres to indoctrinate my kids about anything.
While I don’t celebrate Rabin’s death, I shed no tears for a man who callously referred to the Jewish victims of Arab terror as “sacrifices for peace.” I will never mourn the legacy of one who shook the hand of the Arab Hitler of our time, a genuine successor to the Mufti’s genocidal plans. And lest one forget history (an easy thing in Israel’s Leftist education system), Oslo was not the beginning of Rabin’s crimes against the Jewish people. Long before he shook hands with the PLO butcher, Rabin was responsible for murdering Jews.
Remember The Altalena!
Leftists prattle about “right wing incitement and extremism,” yet consistently omit or misrepresent the Left’s infamous assault on the Irgun ship, the S.S. Altalena. A horrible stain on the Left’s head, when a young Rabin played a key role in the murder of 16 heroic Jews. Ben-Gurion saw an opportunity to spill Irgun blood and murder Begin, and the upstart Rabin assisted him. In his powerful work, “The First Tithe,” Lechi ideaologician Dr. Israel Eldad reflects on the Palmach celebration on the day the Altalena was sunk and the slaughter of Jews:
“And where is the great artist who will paint Ben Gurion’s face as he gave the order, and the face of Yitzchak Sadeh and the face of Galili and the face of the man who fired the artillery and the faces of the Palmach men and women who danced and sang in the cars returning from the slaughter, as they drove down to Ben Yehuda and Allenby streets in Tel Aviv.” (pg. 389)
Years later, Leah Rabin shared her thoughts on the Altalena atrocity, in her biography of her husband entitled, “Rabin. Our Life, His Legacy.” She gave the Altalena scant treatment, and she summarized her bias by describing the Palmach assault on the ship in the context of a morally equivalent and grotesque phrase: “A powerful gun battle followed.” (pg. 81) Of course, one can understand such dishonesty and moral sickness when one reads the praise she heaps on Yasser Arafat. “But it was during this visit to our home that I truly discovered the warm and authentic side to this human being behind the political facade.” (pg. 29)
Leah Rabin’s words of praise for one of the most monstrous enemies of Am Yisroel. The Arab Hitler.
Rabbi Binyamin Kahane, (who, along with his wife, was murdered Al Kiddush Hashem by Arabs) reflected on Rabin in his classic essay, “On Assassinations and Attempted Assassinations” (translated by Lenny Goldberg).
“And finally, according to the non-Jewish calendar, (which perhaps has no significance for us anyway), Yizchak Rabin was killed exactly five years after my father. How ironic. Do you remember the reaction of the left when my father was murdered? These self-righteous hypocrites danced on his blood.The Israeli Government officially ignored it. It was pleased to see the troublemaker go.
My father’s murder was also two years after the same Likud-Labor government, out of fear that he would cop seats from them, banned my father from running for Knesset. Such an act disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of Jews, negating from them their basic democratic right to vote. It closed the door in the face of the most excitable and enthusiastic sector of the population, and it left them little choice. Did it not enter their Bolshevik minds that one out of all these people MIGHT do something out of desperation when no other alternative was left to?
In one of his books, my father writes about the first murder attempt against him. The year was 1976, and the Shin Bet warned him to stop his actions, and if not, they would “take care of him.” My father did not stop, and on the17th of Tamuz, 1976, there was an attempt to assassinate him. Only a miracle saved him. Who was Prime Minister then? You got it. Yitzchak Rabin.”
Rabin’s Legacy
Thanks to Yitzchak Rabin and Peres, our tiny country is under siege within and without. Rabin sanitized the PLO, and every self-respecting leftist today “knows” that the PA is comprised of moderates. Moderates who will gun you down as fast as any ISIS barbarian. Moderates who are armed to the teeth with powerful weapons and the ability to use them. While Hamas occupies Gaza and fires rockets upon the length and width of our tiny besieged country, Hezbollah dominates the northern fight. And lest we forgot, the roving Islamic psychopaths of ISIS are heading our way. We are much weaker than before Oslo, and there were plenty of problems beforehand, such as the ticking time bomb of Arab demography. Today, all mainstream politicians encourage, in one form or another, the Oslo march to the graveyard.
The latest virus of Arab violence in Jerusalem is another indication of what the Arabs within Israel have in store for us. Last week, an Arab beast attempted to murder Rabbi Yehudah Glick, a prominent advocate for Jewish prayer rights on Har Habayit. Previously, this Arab worked in a restaurant in the Begin Center. The latest act of Arab terror in what has become a genuine intifada within Jerusalem. Only the blind would deny that the Arabs of Jerusalem are showing their true faces. A Jew signs his own death warrant if he enters many Arab sections of Jerusalem. For those who haven’t yet learned, these latest Arab riots destroy the myth of the moderate “Israeli-Arab,” a nonsensical term made up by the Left since they want to believe in the myth of moderate Arabs within Israel. We are witnessing an Arab war in Jerusalem against Jews. “An uprising” as the post-zionist left would prefer to call it. The same as the “Arab uprisings” of the 20′s and 30′s, where marauding Arabs butchered and mutilated hundreds of Jews.
Netanyahu and his band of incompetents keep rehashing the same tired and false mantras. “We will come down strong against terror.” “We will not tolerate terror.” They are liars. They have tolerated it, and they will continue to do so, since the only alternative would be to gun down Arab mobs every day. And how would that look in the western media? What would the State Department say? A normal Jew responds with the retort, “the hell with them,” but normal Jews do not currently run the eternally perplexed Israeli government. So we are forced to see the repugnant images of Israeli police speeding away from rioting Arabs. Instead of gunning them down like rabid beasts, they flee like frightened prey. Those who want to damn the anti-semites of the world for their obvious bias against Jews, should open their eyes to the reality within our own leadership. If the State Department doesn’t consider Arab “youth” who hurl stones at Jewish heads to be terrorists, and they don’t, then neither do our clueless leaders.
Rabin’s Authentic Legacy
In his youth, Rabin participated in the murder of heroic Jews. His career took off like a rocket because he was a “yes man” when Ben-Gurion wanted Begin and the Irgun eliminated. As an older man, Rabin shook hands with the devil and signed Israel’s death warrant on the lawn of the White House. In the name of “peace” he parceled Israel up as if it was his own private real estate and armed Arafat and his Amalekite fiends. Thousands of slaughtered and maimed Jews courtesy of his insanity. All in the name of peace.
Rabin betrayed the Jewish people. Today he is a god in the eyes of the left. And still they haven’t learned; nor have their allegedly “right-wing” counterparts of the Likud, who continue to march along to the beat of of Rabin’s death march. Rabin is their modern day Baal, and they are the priests.
Open your eyes, deluded Jews of the Left. Oslo was a sin against The Almighty and the Jewish people. If one chooses to remember Rabin, he should know the authentic story of Rabin’s life. Not the Rabin mythos that turned him into a god for the Godless. Rabin is no hero. Not for any self-respecting G-d-fearing Jew who doesn’t venerate the legacy of Mapai. Only clueless Jews revere the memory of one who brought death and misery to the Jews of the Altalena and the Jewish people with Oslo. Thanks to Rabin, Peres, Beilin and the rest of the “mixed multitude,” the PLO is armed and waiting right at our doorstep. Worse still, the Left deem them to be moderates. I shed no tears for Rabin. I shed tears for the victims of Oslo past, present, and future. And I scream for the blood of the Arabs who seek to exterminate us.

The Murder of Chaya Zisel Braun (May G-d avenge her blood.)

“There will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the crusades!” – Arab League Secretary General, Azzam Pasha, 1948
“I announce from here, on behalf of the United Arab Republic People, that this time we will exterminate Israel.” – President Gamal Nasser (Egypt), 1959
There are some images one never forgets. They remain indelibly imprinted in our minds, and haunt us throughout our lives. One nightmarish image from my youth stands out. I was attending the funeral of a local teenager. I remember the surreal images of the coffin being lowered into the ground. The shoveling of dirt into the grave, the final tapping of the earth to ensure that the grave was filled. Above all, I remember the heart-shattering wailing of the boy’s mother. I am a visual person, and yet more than the images, the mother’s cries remain with me. Such recollections often have an effect on the mind and soul which are more efficacious than any mussar sefer. They remind us of the fragility of man, and of our temporary abode in this physical world. I never forgot that funeral. It remains with me.
The picture of precious Chaya Zissel Braun (may G-d avenge her blood) all bundled up for the grave is another image that will never leave me. A lone shot of a tiny Jewish baby wrapped in the vestments of the dead, because an Arab Amalekite from Silwan murdered her. Today I just read that 22 year old Karen Mosquera, a rightoeus gentile on the road to conversion, succumbed to her deadly injuries from the attack. I am so sickened by Israel’s silence in the face of this persistent Arab terror. We are literally living with vipers in our home.
“I declare a holy war my Muslim brothers. Murder the Jews! Murder them all!” – Haj Hussein al Husseini (the mufti), 1948
Parents aren’t meant to bury their children, be they 3 years old or 30. Or three weeks. I imagine this precious Jewish baby falls under the grotesque category that Rabin named when he sold Eretz Yisroel to the PLO. “Karbonos” for peace. Today, these “sacrifices” are on Bibi’s head, since it is in his power to end this nightmare tomorrow if he chose to do so. The latest sacrifice for Bibi’s insane delusion was a three month old baby girl. I hope Netanyahu never knows a decent night’s sleep. Our leaders are worshipping Molech with our children.
A Dream Becomes A Nightmare
The Braun’s (may The Almighty comfort them) waited ten years to have a baby. Ten years is a veritable lifetime for any couple eager to start a family. In time, Hakadosh Baruch Hu answered their tefilot and they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Until last week, this had the making of a heartwarming story that should have been the precursor to a lifetime of smachot and Jewish joy. For three months the Braun’s enjoyed their baby. A simple trip to the kotel in Ir Hakodesh should have been uneventful.
Chaye Zisel Braun
Should have been.
Perhaps in a normal world where a sovereign Jewish State acted with dignity and expelled its hostile Arab populace. In this case, an Arab who had previously been incarcerated, drove his car into a group of Jews and killed their baby girl, Chaya Zisel. When one understands the psychopathic hatred Arabs have for Jews, one understands that Chaya Zisel (may G-d avenge her blood) was killed by Amalek.
As Rav Soloveitchik pointed out:
“I once heard the following answer from my father and master )R. Moses Soloveitchik of blessed memory, namely that any nation that conspires to destroy Kneset Israel, becomes according to the halakha, Amalek.” Fate and Destiny, notes. Pg 94., Ktav Press. )
We see the normal Jewish reactions, because Jews cry and bleed when other Jews suffer. Tears. Agony. Horror. Frustration. Sympathy for the destroyed parents. But where is the rage? Rage must be one of the responses. The Arabs are spilling our blood and the government does nothing. Politicians call for restraint and civil order, while Arabs wage an intifada in Jerusalem. Jewish blood runs in the streets. Murder and mayhem. Arson. Stonings. Arab lynch mobs. Every day we read of such horrors. Terror on Har Habayit. The Arab mocks us, spits on us, and stones us. And the government is silent.
Jerusalem is on fire, and the idiot mayor of Jerusalem twiddles his thumbs. Much like the rest of the police in Israel, Jerusalem’s finest are consistently impotent, incompetent, or corrupt, unwilling to prevent, react to or even investigate terrorism. Jews are murdered, and all the Prime minister can do is bow before the make- believe king of Jordan, in order to assure him that the Temple Mount is in Muslim hands.
“Kill the Jews wherever you find them. Kill them with your hands, with your nails, and with your teeth.” – King Hussein, (Jordan) 1967
The Jews of Jerusalem are facing a genuine intifada as many astute individuals have already pointed out. The Arabs of Israel are committing terror and melting into their nests of security, beyond the reach of prosecution. Were Jews involved in such riots, Yassamnikim thugs would be set upon them before you could bat an eyelash. They would smash open Jewish heads with unbridled aggression. One imagines that the Shabak is already working on ways to deter possible responses (real or imagined) rather than to Arab terror itself.
Where are the police when you need them? The area of the Mount of Olives is notorious for its persistent and consistent arab attacks on Jews. Why the police don’t permanently set up shop in the area is beyond me. It suggests all sorts of things that make the sin of incompetence and negligence tame by comparison. Why can’t Jews safely take a walk to do tashlich in the Silwan region without being attacked by an Arab lynch mob? And why won’t armed Jews cut down such terrorists with their licensed guns, even after having their heads smashed in with wooden boards, with nails driven through them?
Why aren’t stone throwers shot dead like any terrorist, regardless of age? If one is old enough to light and throw a molotov cocktail bomb, then one deserves nothing but the grave. Yet the police avoid such confrontations, and actually back down during such confrontations. The result is a lawlessness of Arab terror against Jews, and draconian measures for those few normal Jews who respond with deadly force. The wisdom of Chelm with the morality of Sodom and Gomorra. A parody of sanity and justice.
I am sick of reading about helpless Jews being assaulted by Arab lynch mobs. Or Arabs dropping tractor loads of debris upon Jewish heads, burying them under thousands of pounds of rubble. I am sick of Arabs murdering our people.
Solutions: The ultimate answer is obviously to throw the hostile Arabs out of the country. Tragically, at this moment in history, we lack the leadership to deal with the fifth column within. In the meantime:
• Step # 1: Jews need to stop employing Arabs. Don’t give them a living. Arabs don’t employ Jews; don’t employ Arabs. Incidentally, hiring them is also a violation of the biblical prohibition of lo techaneim, not to give them favor in the land. By not employing them, that also means that there will
be fewer arabs driving bulldozers, tractors, and cranes into crowds of Jews. Fewer Arabs will be scoping out Jewish neighborhoods (from within the neighborhood) and handing the blueprints over to Fatah and Hamas. An Arab working in the kitchen is an Arab who may one day decide to lace the coffee with something other than expired creamer. It has happened many times before. There are prominent cafes that remain open today, that have such incidents on record. And tragically it will happen again.
• Step #2: Jewish self-defense. If Jews are not being protected, then we must protect ourselves. Trained Jews need to patrol sensitive regions in order to protect people. I know there are alleged reports of civilian patrols in sensitive regions. Kol Hakavod to them. But until we hear of such a group actually responding and deterring Arab violence, we have learned nothing. The Arabs need to go. In the absence of that, they need to have the fear of G-d upon them, lest they molest a Jew in any manner. I am advocating the morality of Jewish survival, and the Divine right of self-defense. If one comes to slay you, slay him first. There is nothing more moral than the right to protect our lives.
During such moments when an Arab mob descends upon a Jew, one blow to the skull by a stone can end everything in an instant. Critical seconds cannot be wasted on paralysis and inaction, and mental exercises to consider the following very real possibilities:
• Will I sit in jail or endure an actual prison sentence for defending myself? (Quite possibly.) • Will the police harass me for using lethal force? (same as above.) • Will my gun license be revoked? (Without a doubt.)
The old cliche rings true, since it professes a universal truth that cannot be disputed. Better to be judged by 12 than buried by six. Even in the absence of a moral legal system, our current dilemma in Israel, it is always preferable to be alive. The right to protect our lives is guaranteed by the Torah. Neither Bibi, nor Peres, nor the late Rabin have the right to seize this from us, which is an act of grotesque violence by itself. In the meanwhile, Israel continues to provide electricity and supplies to Gaza, while Hamas rearms and rebuilds their terror tunnels. Fatah remains in our heartland, and Bibi and friends label them moderates and continue to arm them with weapons. True to form, Fatah is celebrating this Arab monster as a hero.
The government calls for restraint, nay, demands it. They will not tolerate self-defense. They prefer to turn an eye and encourage Jews to avoid “troubled” regions since they are unwilling to face hundred and thousands of rioting Arabs in Jerusalem. And then we have more of these notorious bolshevik “gag orders,” so that the masses are denied the evidence which destroys the myth of the “Israeli-Arab who loves Israel and is a silent majority.” Our eyes, ears, and Jewish seichal tell us otherwise.
“The most splendid thing the prophet Mohammed did was drive them out of the whole Arabian peninsula….They are a nation of liars and traitors, contrivers of plots, a people born for the deeds of treachery…. -Anwar Sadat, (Egypt) 1970
Be aware of your surroundings in Israel. Don’t trust Arabs, even those who smile at you on the street. Remember the lesson of the bloody pogroms of the 20′s and 30′s. The Jews of Chevron in 1929 would have sworn to you that their Arab neighbors were their friends, and they had empirical data to back up their claims.They frequently chatted with their Arab neighbors and shared Turkish coffee. One prominent Jew even helped local Arabs with real estate issues. He was butchered along with the rest of the Jewish community. Hyenas at the kill are more merciful than Arabs who descend upon Jews.
Never question your right to defend yourself. And never underestimate the pure hatred that Arabs have for us.
One final point: one who throws a stone at a Jew deserves a bullet through his brain. Protect your life. Protect Am Yisroel. Deal with the consequences.

The Sons of Noach

“The L-rd said, “I will blot out from the earth the men whom I created- men together with beasts, creeping things, and birds of the sky, for I regret that I made them.” But Noah found favor with the L-rd.” (Genesis 6:7-8)
“This is the line of Noah.- Noah was a righteous man; he was blameless in his age; Noah walked with G-d.” (Genesis 6:9) (JPS Hebrew English Tanakh)
Disclaimer: The following article should not be seen as an authoritative stance on the issue of the B’nai Noach, which is a complicated, multifaceted one requiring the input of learned decisors of Jewish law. Every genuine Ben Noach today works closely with at least one reputable rabbi to discuss issues related to the life of adopting such a disciplined system. As I note in the article, the life of a Ben Noach is difficult and demanding, and requires constant vigilant supervision. These are merely my reflections on this critical topic, based upon classical Jewish sources, in particular, the Rambam who presents the most precise, elucidated framework for expressing the Noachide Covenant. Always consult a proper Torah authority for clarification.
The upcoming portion of this week’s Torah reading, Parshat Noach, is a unique opportunity to address a long neglected issue: the requirement of gentiles to live their lives in accordance with the “Seven Laws of Noach,” and the obligation of Jews to impart this knowledge to the non-Jewish world. Despite what biblical critics maintain, Noach was a real person, who long ago remained a lone beacon of good in the most corrupted of ages. (We can be pretty certain that he neither looked nor behaved like Russell Crowe.) The Seven Laws of Noach recall the legacy of this righteous man, and provide the Torah framework for gentiles to follow.
Certainly, for much of the past two thousand years, Jews had few opportunities to engage in such endeavors, since all of our collective efforts were focused on protecting ourselves from spiritual and physical threats. While we still face many such threats today, we have ample opportunities that did not exist in the past. Baruch Hashem, many Jews and gentiles are taking advantage of this unprecedented historical period. Righteous gentiles the world over are living their lives according to the Sheva Mitzvoth. In a world of constant Chillul, this is a tremendous Kiddush Hashem.
Judaism proclaims a unique destiny for the Jewish people, based upon the framework of Torah, as revealed to us at Sinai. We Jews are the Am Hanivchar, the “chosen people,” insofar as we adhere to Torah ourselves. But The Almighty has not neglected or abandoned the non-Jew. For the gentile, the means of fulfilling G-d’s Will is by adhering to the Seven Laws of Noah. While the particularistic aspects of Judaism are real and specific to our own people, there are genuine universal aspects to Judaism. The problem is that the ideas of universalism expressed by most Jews today are usually based upon non-Jewish concepts, specific to liberalism or some other false belief system that has no commonality with our Divine Law.
The truest form of universalism in the Torah is the Jewish obligation to spread the knowledge of G-d to the non-Jewish world. As we recite in the beautiful Aleinu prayer, L’taqen Olam B’Malchut Hashem,” our mission for the rectification of the world can only occur in the framework of the “Kingdom” of Hakadosh Baruch Hu.
It is an understatement to say that we Jews have few friends in the world. Particularly today, when the State of Israel faces a host of enemies on our holy soil and throughout the world, the desire of Jews to find alliances is understandable. Yet it is tragic, since in the absence of true friends without hidden (and perhaps not so hidden) agendas, many Jews grasp strange hands as they grope about in darkness. Across the religious and political Jewish spectrum, confused Jews look for forbidden partners to identify with. Liberal Jews usually find friends among those expressing radical
agendas, which for them, with the cataract of ignorance glazing their eyes, they equate with “ethical Judaism.”
In Israel today, we can see that the other end of the religious and political spectrum is just as vulnerable to falsehood. We bear witness to a terrifying spectacle. Jews have eagerly taken the hands of evangelical christians for support. Many Jews foolishly label them allies and take the bait of economic aid. I have written about this in recent months (See Esau Rising: Part II), and I do not wish to rehash all that I have written. I merely want to emphasize that there are many righteous Gentiles who are following the correct path that Hakadosh Baruch Hu has chosen for them. I want to state that these are the only friends that Am Yisroel has. And for Halachic and hashkafic reasons, not to mention our religious obligation, they alone deserve our alliance and attention. Certainly, the Halachic questions pertaining to the permissibility of gentiles residing in Eretz Yisroel and the status of a ger toshav can only be broached within the context of this important issue.
The Sons of Noach have rejected christianity in the U.S., and a host of other pagan religions across the world. They care only of Torah and the unique path of articulating it that G-d gave them. Like the original Noach, who clung to The Almighty while the inferno of corruption consumed the earth, these righteous gentiles of the world fight the war for Hashem.
Background Information:
The Talmud (Sanhedrin 56: a) states that The Almighty gave the sons of Noach the Seven Laws.
Contrary to what too many misguided Jews believe, and tragically what too many rabbis disseminate as a Jewish truism, it is NOT ok for gentiles to worship how they see fit. While the Jewish people have a unique covenant with G-d, gentiles have a covenant of their own: The Covenant of Noach as expressed with the Seven Laws of Noach. Gentiles are not abandoned by G-d, nor are they permitted to abandon G-d themselves. They have the opportunity, and indeed, the obligation to discover the truth of His Name and live their lives in accordance with the tenets required of them.
Maimonides lists the seven laws in the “Laws of Kings and Their Wars,” Chapter 9, and elaborates upon them:
א עַל שִׁשָּׁה דְּבָרִים נִצְטַוָּה אָדָם הָרִאשׁוֹן–עַל עֲבוֹדָה זָרָה, וְעַל בִּרְכַת הַשֵּׁם, וְעַל שְׁפִיכוּת דָּמִים, וְעַל גִּלּוּי עֲרָיוֹת, וְעַל הַגָּזֵל, וְעַל הַדִּינִים.
ב אַף עַל פִּי שֶׁכֻּלָּן קַבָּלָה הֶן בְּיָדֵינוּ מִמֹּשֶׁה רַבֵּנוּ, וְהַדַּעַת נוֹטָה לָהֶן, מִכְּלַל דִּבְרֵי הַתּוֹרָה, יֵרָאֶה שֶׁעַל אֵלּוּ נִצְטַוּוּ. הוֹסִיף לְנוֹחַ .מִצְווֹת שֶׁבַע נִמְצְאוּ); ד,ט בראשית” (תֹאכֵלוּ לֹא דָמוֹ בְּנַפְשׁוֹ, בָּשָׂר-אַךְ” שֶׁנֶּאֱמָר, הַחַי מִן אֵבֶר )Machon Mamre Online(
1: “Regarding six things was Adam commanded,- (the prohibition of) idolatry, ( the prohibition of) cursing The Almighty, (the prohibition against) murder, (the prohibition against committing) incest and adultery, (the prohibition against) theft, (and the positive injunction) to set up courts.”
2: “Despite the fact that we received all these commands from Moshe…….G-d added for Noach the prohibition against consuming flesh of a living animal. As it states (Genesis 9:4), “You must not however, eat flesh with its life blood in it.”
Maimonides proceeds to explain how G-d added additional mitzvoth to the individual Patriarchs:
* Abraham: circumcision and the morning prayer.
* Isaac: tithes and the afternoon prayer
* Jakob: the prohibition of eating the gid hanashe (sciatic nerve), and the addition of the evening prayer.
Throughout history, prominent poskim have debated and discussed the precise break down and categorization of these laws. Many have suggested that additional laws were given. Furthermore, there is the complicated Halachic discussion relating to which additional mitzvoth and responsibilities B’nai Noach may adopt, as well as the permissibility (and indeed the requirement) to study and understand all Torah matters pertaining to their respective obligations.
The Seven Laws of Noach: Several Myths Exposed
* Myth #1: It is easy to be a Ben Noach. It is extraordinarily hard. The Seven Laws (even more according to many poskim) are seven broad categories that encompass a plethora of subcategories. The penalties for a gentile who abrogates this covenant are much stricter than they would be for a Jew who abrogates them. Were their proper courts in effect today, the penalty for abrogating the seven laws is death by decapitation. A Ben Noach must be a disciplined intellectual to properly live this rigid code of law. All of this should make us appreciate the commitment of righteous gentiles who have abandoned their religions to follow Torah. The following link features a profound essay about the challenges facing the Bnai Noach, written by Rabbi Yisroel Chait, shlitah, of Yeshivah B’nai Torah.
* Myth #2: Christians and Muslims are B’nai Noach: While there were poskim, both medieval and contemporary, who have designated these religions as falling within the rubric of B’nai Noach (ex: the Meiri’s stance regarding x-tians), many Jewish scholars opposed this status. Some viewed it as a form of p’shara (Halachic compromise) that was taken out of expediency, due to socio-economic factors that required a more liberal reading of the term. In his classic work, Exclusiveness and Tolerance, Jakob Katz noted the following:
“As we shall see later, the Jewish evaluation of contemporary christendom turned mainly on the question whether christians satisfied the terms of the Noachide Covenant, which included belief in the unity of G-d. There was, however, no doubt that gentiles, christians not excluded, stood outside the bounds of the biblical covenant in the full sense of the term.” (page 3)
It should be noted that according to Maimonides, neither Islam or christianity is an acceptable vehicle for gentiles, who are required to accept the sovereignty of The One True G-d within the framework of the 7 Laws of Noah. While the issue with christians would seem apparent based upon the fundamentals of their beliefs, since Islam is a false religion with a false prophet, which rejects the eternal Jewish covenant with The Almighty, they cannot be classified as B’nai Noach. I have not even gone into the more overt prohibitions that they have abrogated by them since time immemorial. According to Maimonides, even a genuine monotheist fails to qualify as a Noachide if he accepts it merely because it seems logical to him, rather than accepting it as a Divine revelation.
To summarize: It is a distortion of Halacha to say that christianity or islam is fine for gentiles. The former remains a primitive form of idol-worship, the latter a pagan “monotheism” which actually is a blood-worship of jihad. Both religions are theological usurpers who either subscribe to “replacement theology,” or in the case of Islam, a complete distortion of Jewish history and a rejection of the Masoretic text as a corrupted
text. While it is true that Maimonides places these two religions into a historical context and sees the two religions as perhaps being a way to wean the world away from the more overt forms of false worship, they are clearly inappropriate means of worship for him that fail to meet the criteria of Noachide.
For too many religious rabbis, a convoluted sense of universalism clashes with authentic Judaism. The 7 Laws of Noach are a good example of this tragic tendency. Many Jews are afraid of “bringing “ this knowledge to the world since it comes off to the ignorant as intolerant and fundamentalist. While Judaism surely respects the human condition which often necessitates a long and arduous spiritual search, ultimately every gentile is required to follow the 7 Laws of Noah, an intensive, disciplined way of living, and not a religion (which is prohibited to the gentile).
* Myth #3: It’s enough to be a “good person” Or “All moral gentiles follow the seven laws”: Again, since these are broad categories laden with concepts, it is impossible to follow these laws without knowing and studying them. Furthermore, most gentiles will, by virtue of their respective religious beliefs, subscribe to ideas that would be deemed idolatrous/heretical according to Noachide criteria. From a Jewish perspective, the only proper expression for being a good person is to follow the Shevah Mitzvoth. That doesn’t mean that gentiles who are unaware of these laws are bad. Hashem will judge them based on their intellectual pursuit of truth. But ultimately, this is the designated framework for gentiles to attain the status of righteous gentile. Yahadut maintains that the righteous of the world are guaranteed a share in the world to come. As a general rule, for the non-Jew, the Noachide Laws are the only vehicle for obtaining this status. Individual gentiles may under certain circumstances obtain reward for their actions independent of whether or not they ever commit themselves to these laws. The Talmud records such instances. The Almighty alone knows what’s in a man’s heart, and to what extent he committed himself to the pursuit of truth in his lifetime.
* Myth #4: The B’nai Noach movement is a cult/“Rabbinic” creation: Generally, this is the position of anti-semitic x-tians who are terrified that gentiles may discover the Noachide system. Missionaries and evangelicals denigrate the Laws of Noach as a cult since they want gentiles to remain x-tian, and the last thing they want is for their flock to discover a system for gentiles that predates the creation of x-tianity. They know that belief in Jesus is threatened by the ancient code of Noach. Attacking B’nai Noach is also a means for undermining the oral law as a rigid “rabbinic creation”. Unfortunately, one sometimes hears ignorant Jews express this notion that B’nai Noach are a cult, since they have never heard of a contemporary movement of gentiles who reject Jesus and embrace a Torah path.
* Myth #5: Jews should spend all their energies helping Jews: We Jews don’t live in a vacuum. We either impact the world based on the words of Hashem, or we lose our concepts to distorted gentile’ interpretations. By helping B’nai Noach, we also help ourselves, since assisting them in finding the true knowledge of G-d is an obligation. Without teaching B’nai Noach, we neglect the most righteous of all gentiles, and invariably pursue relationships with those who are not fulfilling G-d’s will. And the inevitable result is that they effect us.
Gentiles have an obligation to study and adhere to the 7 Laws of Noach. But in the absence of such a system, gentiles have no means of articulating this obligation. As such, we Jews are obligated to adopt the mantle of teacher like our forefather Abraham in order to disseminate this knowledge to the world. Our failure to embrace this task surely constitutes a Chillul Hashem.
There are many gentiles who are eagerly waiting for the Jewish people to reach out to them. They are eager to learn. There are many who are already living the Noachide Laws and need our support. We must not ignore them. The time is long overdue to cast away the halachically prohibited “friendships” of calculating two-faced evangelical x-tians who lick their lips as they dole out millions to Jewish charities. One Jewish soul is worth more than any number of billions of dollars these predators can throw at us. All of our energies towards gentiles should be directed towards the righteous sons of Noach.
Several years ago, I was privileged to meet and share a few words with a committed Ben Noach. I can tell you that these are truly special people, who have forsaken their lifelong beliefs to follow Torah. In this case, the individual had previously been a devout christian. How can one not get goose bumps when you consider what these individuals have accomplished? I am in awe of the intellectual honesty, fortitude, and courage that one must have to undertake such a lonely and difficult path. These remarkable people have an unwavering commitment to Hakadosh Baruch Hu, that we Jews should emulate.
May The Almighty strengthen them.